How to remove creases from a comic book

This can include trimming comics to remove untidy edges, colouring in creases or spots and many more. CGC defines the crease as " Subscription Crease. Dry cleaning is a process used to remove dirt and pencil marks from both the interior and cover a comic book, particularly in the white areas of the comic. The first step was to release the book from the CGC holder. Comic book grading is one of the most important parts of speculating; the grade of the book will determine the value of the book and this article will help you learn the process.
Feb 06, · Overstreet grading guide sez highest 3. How to remove creases from a comic book. How to press your comic books at home. Books crease from the pressure of other objects, or from people using folds as book markers. Can you remove a wrinkle from a comic book cover? COMIC BOOK CPR This 156 page field guide and training manual is a must- have for any comic book collector.

Unless the eBay seller is a reputable comic book dealer ( i. One of my all time favorites is Comics For Beginners. - Cover shows moderate to significant wear, and may be loose but not completely detached. You will use a bone folder for making new centerfold creases, and for use with tack iron to fix blunted spine trauma.

If the brush does not work, gently clean the dirt with an art gum eraser. Removing these defects can often raise the grade of your books and the results have been phenomenal. If we determine that the book will likely not get a grade improvement, we will not remove the book from the holder.

Unfortunately, over time and with normal wear. Comic pressing should be considered anytime there is a desire to improve the overall condition of the book. Foil cover books like Venom Lethal Protector cannot be pressed as they. Feb 19, · How to press your comic books at home. The press is heated up and a combination of moisture and pressure is gently and systematically applied to the comic book. They allow us to escape from everyday life, teach us new skills, help us learn new languages and take us to faraway lands without ever leaving the comfort of our armchairs.

So you want to know how to grade comic books? Overstreet grading guide sez highest 3. Comic book grading is the process of determining the grade or condition of a book, which directly influences its value. WHAT IS COMIC BOOK PRESSING? Our goal is to turn back the clock on your comic books to the day they came off the shelf! This can either be for resale purposes, grading and encapsulation purposes or simply to improve the appearance of your collection at a minimal cost instead of spending time, money and effort in acquiring new, higher condition issues. Sometimes, collectors get so excited about. Paper is pretty fragile, so sometimes, no matter how careful you are, it can wrinkle. - Cover reflectivity is low. There are a lot of places on the web to help get you started. If you have the skills and the time to tackle this task on your own, great!

I recently bought a Seal 160M that is working really great for creases that aren' t on the spine. Other heavy objects, such as ceramic tiles, can be used in place of glass or wood. Comic Book Grading. How to Get Wrinkles out of Paper.

Sign Up for free ( or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Mail your comics to ABC COMIC BOOK PRESSING PO BOX 582226 ELK GROVE CA 95758. A large crease down the center of a comic book caused by the folding of a comic for mailing. Comics and Graphic Novels Topic Archived; You' re browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Jan 05, · It fixes any form of creasing that doesn' t break color, including spine stress. Creasing is one of the most common ailments that befall books. Comic book pressing is an affordable way to remove many physical defects such as creases, spine rolls, indentations, and severe bends & folds. And don' t be afraid to ask questions. That' s why a book that grades 9. Your book will be returned to you still in the original holder with the rest of your order.

We closely monitor and calibrate our staff to maintain adherence to our established standards. Comic Pressing Our comic pressing improves the appearance of a book by using pressure and heat to remove bends, creases and other irregularities. The average used comic book.

' Kav' Kaviraj sent me an article on comic book restoration tips. I have two comic books that were both accidentally sit on and now they both have creases in them. Our example book is an original Avengers # 1 that has been graded 1. Is there any way I could get these out and make them like new? How to remove creases from a comic book.

Jun 16, · Comic book collector John Cohen from Beyond Comics discusses the basics of comic book collecting including the wrong ways to store comic books so you can avoid them. Comic book " grades" are given to a book reflecting the quality of printing, storage, and upkeep of a particular book. How to Grade Comic Books.

How to Secure & Remove Comics from Bags. The 2 reputable third- party professional grading services ( both begin with ' C' ) use the same scale, but not exactly the same criteria, but Overstreet has collaborated with them for their newest grading guide. If anyone remembers the Aspen Batman # 1 I got that was folded in half by USPS, I was able to remove the creases from those books. I haven' t tried moisture yet. " I can' t find an example of a CGC book with a near book length crease that was over a 3.

If you submitted comics in CBCS holders, we will evaluate the book while reviewing the grader' s notes. Book preservation is an important part of preserving culture and ensuring education for future generations. The two main methods of describing an overall grade are numerical, and symbol. - Corners may be blunted. Cleaning and pressing your comic can also improve the overall grade of your comic book!

The market value of comic books is partly determined by a grading process. A week or so is worth a good bit of difference depending on how damaged the book is. - Store stamps, name stamps, arrival dates, initials, etc.
Comic book pressing removes bends, creases and other imperfections. 4 ( one or two small spine stress) can be turned into a 9. Put a book in a bag with a back board on each side, place on a thick book larger than comic size, then top with as many other heavy books that you can find. You can remove many creases from a book cover or its pages. Can a Printer Crease be on a Near Mint book?

Pressing is the process of using even heat and pressure in the attempt to remove imperfections in your comic. Cleaning & pressing your comic books can help remove unwanted defects such as bends, creases, and dents! Comic Book CPR teaches awareness on proper comic book handling, shipping, selling, and buying tactics.
It improves the overall appearance and value of the book. Just remove staples, refold each spread, iron each new fold, reassemble and place between heavy books for a week bagged and boarded. Considered a defect. Comic book collector John Cohen from Beyond Comics discusses the basics of comic book collecting including the wrong ways to store comic books so you can avoid them. Comic book dry cleaning is not restoration, it' s comic book conservation. 8 / Good- by Certified Guaranty Company, LLC. As with grading all collectibles, there is a degree of subjectivity as there are many factors to consider and all of them must be weighed to determine an overall grade. I use the old encyclopedia trick. Kav' s quick tips for comic book restoration EDITOR' S NOTE: A. , well- known or well- regarded on this Forum or the. Instagram Twitter YouTube Soundcloud China, IL Brad Neely' s Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio.

Have no effect on this grade. A service that gives numerical values to the condition of a comic book from. Jul 27, · This is a tutorial on how to use non- restorative techniques to improve the appearance of comic books.
You roll lightly and gently across the surface to remove and clean the paper at its fibers. Remove the damaged dust jacket from the book and lay it face down on your worktable. Our grading standards are based on the standards laid out in the Overstreet Grading Guide with additional experience gained from our 40+ years in the comic industry. Comic book pressing is allowed by all third party grading companies ( CGC, CBCS, PGX). Creating a comic book or graphic novel takes a lot of work. This was done by carefully inserting.
This mixture of gentle pressure, moisture, and heat will flatten the book back to its original state and will remove minor non- color breaking defects. I was considering ironing the crease out but I heard that it will damage the ink, so any suggestions would be great. Protect your investment by reading this book today.

Comic Book Pressing. As an archivist, I decided to share some useful tips as well that will aid in restoring your comic books. COMIC BOOK PRESSING & CLEANING Comic pressing and cleaning can remove minor defects such as small dents and dings, finger/ thumb bends/ dents, non color- breaking creases, dirt, waviness from moisture and most storage and spine rolls. This will improve the appearance of your comic and hopefully improve the grade and value of your comic. Remove any dust from inside the folds using a small brush with soft bristles.

It fixes any form of creasing that doesn' t break color, including spine stress. This grading process details the exact condition and completeness of a comic, allowing the seller to get an idea of how much it is worth. Dry cleaning means just that: no liquids ( including water, peroxides and/ or solvents) are introduced to the comic book during cleaning. If not, don' t be afraid to collaborate with another artist.

Collectors get excited when they find that HOT book or one of their grails. Some restorers add a linen backing which helps remove wrinkles and creases and keeps posters from further damage. It will not remove color breaks and does not fix all damage. Follow this step by step account of how to press the wrinkles out of your comic books and have them looking brand new. If it' s an significant document, such as your homework, a favorite sketch, or an important form, creases and folds can. Books are a building block of our modern society.

0 G/ VG for book- length creases. You can remove many creases from a book cover or its. - Cover can have moderate creases or dimples. This Collectibles Shop page has the standard 10 point grading scale and definitions, as used in the Overstreet Guide.

Pre- Screening We will examine your books prior to grading submission for grade consideration and a detailed expert restoration detection. A press is typically a dry mount press that a comic book is placed into. I just have some books I would like to get the spine creases removed.

It can also take a FN or even a VG that has a lot of creases or a wave to the book and turn it into a VF or better. If you don' t mind taking a book apart and adding new staples, you can refold and iron the page creases in a book to get rid of spine roll.