Alice in wonderland book vs disney movie

Disney' s Picture Book - - Alice in Wonderland ディズニー絵本 ふしぎの国のアリス - Duration: 13: 16. “ More like a story” The narrative form of Lewis Carroll’ s Alice’ s Adventures in Wonderland& Through the Looking Glasscompared with that of Disney’ s Alice in Wonderland ( 1951 & ) Sjoerd- Jeroen Moenandar. ( This is an idea from Through the Looking- Glass, and What Alice.

Both square off in the ring again as Box Office Prophets presents another round of Book vs. おもちゃのおもちゃん 13, 586 views 13: 16. Alice In Wonderland At some point in the mid- 19th century, Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson took a journey up the River Thames with three girls, ranging in ages from eight to 13. Changes: Book Movie In the book, there is no " Unbirthday" party. Alice in wonderland: Comparing Carroll' s original books with Disney' s movies 1. Alice’ s Adventures in Wonderland vs Alice in Wonderland Movie May 31, by Meet Brenda 5 Comments Alice in Wonderland is an amazing story of adventure and silliness that is perfect for kids ( and adults). The following is a list of noted differences between the original Alice' s Adventures in Wonderland book and the 1951 Disney movie adaptation. Please add to the list! There is even an adaption from England, on netflix I think, that was interesting but overall the book is my personal favorite. Alice in wonderland book vs disney movie.

Disney always spins tales out of proportion and while Johnny Depp is a greaat actor, the movie wasn' t five stars in my opinion.